Testimonials & Recommendations

At Lake Area Hearing Solutions we have had the privilege of helping our patients find the best possible solutions for their hearing loss. See our patient testimonials below and let us support you in your journey to better hearing.

QuoteI have owned hearing aids for eight years, but rarely wore them. They were uncomfortable and amplified all sounds, making noisy places unbearable. The new aids are programmed to my specific hearing loss and leave the ear canals open so the sound is more natural. The free trial was really FREE and made all the difference. Dennis checked on me weekly to be sure the adjustments were right. I would recommend Lake Area Hearing Solutions to anyone, especially if they are unhappy with old style hearing aids! Customer service is outstanding!!”

Mike C., Sunrise Beach


QuoteThe hearing aids I tried in the past complicated my life and ended up in a drawer. Dennis recommended these hearing instruments and they require no volume adjusting, are easy to use, no one knows I wear them and I can hear things I haven’t heard in years!!!”

Bob H., Lake Ozark


QuoteWhat a difference your hearing aids have made in our lives!  Thank you very much.”

Don B., Lebanon


QuoteI absolutely must praise my hearing aid specialist Dennis Horsman of Lake Area Hearing Solutions in Osage Beach – with an office in Versailles and Lebanon, too. Dennis is board certified in hearing instrument sciences and is not a here today, gone tomorrow specialist. I have been with Dennis over 10 years through two sets of hearing aids (November 2006 and June 2013) and exemplary service — yes, they will wear out or get broken — and the technology just keeps improving! Dennis always goes the extra mile to fit me with the best devices for my particular hearing loss and budget. I have always been given a pair to try out for a month or more before buying. Dennis routinely services my aids for no additional charge. He has repaired them when he could – no charge! Dennis bends over backward to see that I am never without hearing aids, even when mine must go back to the factory for a tweak. No extra charge! Dennis will go the extra mile to accommodate my questions or needs. He has always been a phone call or text away and responds promptly, even offering to meet me after hours if necessary. If you or someone you care about needs a hearing aid specialist, Dennis Horsman of Lake Area Hearing Solutions is by far the very best choice.”

Karen H., Osage Beach


Quote5 Star. Absolutely awesome. He will treat you like a person. whether you’ve had hearing aids for your entire life or just now getting hearing aids I would highly recommend him. The turnaround response is absolutely flabbergasting. I’ve always dreaded having to get new hearing aids or dealing with a hearing specialist until now. I could not recommend him any higher.

Joshua H., Jefferson City


QuoteDennis, the owner is always polite, very professional and extremely honest and fair. Some higher power must have directed me to him. I can hear well and if I had any problems he fixed them quickly. Excellent rating and I have no ties to him.

John B, Jefferson City


QuoteWhen I needed hearing help and was looking for a place to get it, I responded to a card in the mail that came from Dennis. Now five year later, I can’t recommend the business highly enough. There are lots of places that will sell you the same hearing aids from the same handful of manufacturers for about the same price, but Dennis takes the concept of customer service to new heights. Not only are his prices better than most, the attentive customer service he provides is exemplary. For instance, when I was trying to decide which hearing aid to buy, or even whether I was going to buy one at all, Dennis made it possible for me to wear several different aids, each for a few weeks, before making my decision – all at no out of pocket cost to me. Another example, when one of my hearing aids had a problem just before I went out of town he went more than the extra mile to get a replacement to me so that I wouldn’t have to get by without it. Dennis takes his business and his service very seriously – so much so that sometimes you may feel like he’s making you take advantage of him. I highly recommend you let him do it!

Rob B, Columbia