Over the years I’ve seen many advancements in technology when it comes to hearing aids. This year may have been one of the biggest leaps forward, as ReSound introduced their LiNX hearing aid. When it was first introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas it received an award for its innovation. Tech writers and gadget gurus started writing about it as it is truly remarkable in its function and connectivity by bringing hearing aids and mobile devices together.

The ReSound LiNX™ is the first made for iPhone® hearing aid. Using their SmartApp™ on their iPhone or iPad, users can quickly and easily adjust their settings for the environment they are in. The app can then store those settings for when they return to that setting. Your favorite music, phone calls and Facetime® can stream directly to your hearing aids. And for those of us prone to misplacing things, there is even a location feature to help you find where your left your hearing aids.

It make sense to bring hearing aids and mobile devices together. Regardless of age, so many of us today manage  much of our daily lives through our phones and tablets. We view photos of our grandkids, check the weather, book travel arrangements, why not mange the settings of our hearing aids.

While it was the connectivity that first grabbed attention, it’s the sound quality that has won rave reviews from wearers. The crystal clear sound quality is amazing. One review even wrote that he wished he had a hearing loss so he could use the ReSound LiNX.

Tech website Mashable put the ReSound LiNX first on its list of 14 Innovations that Improved the World in 2014. I think wearers would agree.

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